Kennelgarth Wall

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Dinas Rock

Kennelgarth Wall

1. Technitis - Fr.6c

The short left-hand line on the wall, with one very technical move. 8m

2. By Proxy - Fr.7a

The wall to the right of Technitis. 9m

3. Out Come The Freaks - Fr.7a+

A hop, skip and a jump in rapid succession that starts below the arched overlap to the right. 9m

4. Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be - Fr.7b **

A desperate route that would have been more aptly named Fingers Ain’t What They Used To Be. Follow the hairline crack to the right of Out Come The Freaks on good pockets to a left-slanting crack, PR. Make a very trying sequence up and left onto the upper wall, with difficult pulls on slots to finish, 2PRs. 11m

5. Kennelgarth - Fr.7b *

A blind route that is flashed with ease if the hard-to-spot two-finger hold at the top is found. Jump up to the triangular sentry box and climb this to a slot out left. Make a long reach up for a two-finger edge, then fall back right for a jug from whence the BB can be clipped. 12m

6. Eugene's High Point - Fr.7b+

The stapled project right of Kennelgarth. Lower off the final staple. All attempts at gaining the ledge have failed since this date.

There is a project on the wall above Kennelgarth Wall.

Kennelgarth Wall

First Ascents

1. P.Donnithorne, T.Meen 00.00.1988

2. G.Gibson, R.Thomas 30.03.1997

3. A.Sharp 23.05.1988

4. A.Sharp, P.Thomas, P.Lewis 15.05.1988

5. A.Sharp, P.Lewis 1pt 00.00.1984

G.Ashmore 23.07.1994

6. Eugene Jones 00.00.1995

Lower Cave Area