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Some downloadable topos... more to come.

align="right" Odin's Wall

Odin's Wall is the most attractive of the crags lying on the west side of Three Cliffs, Odin's Wall, is composed of the best Gower limestone and provides a variety of well protected quality lines. Accessible approximately 2½ hours either side of low tide.
align="right" Bargoed Topo

Bargoed is an easily accessible quarry consisting of two walls separated by an arete. It is west facing and so becomes a suntrap during the summer. However, it is also well sheltered, so winter climbing may be possible. The routes are bolted for popularity and there are LO's on most. The climbs are on generally steep slabs and vertical walls of porous sandstone and have considerable individual character. In its rejeuvanated state, Bargoed has been promoted to the premier league of sandstone crags.
align="right" Temple Bay Inlets Topo

A pleasant area of small inlets east of the sea walls of Witches Point. Revisited and regeared recently. Sunny outlook and solid rock make this a must.
align="right" Navigation Quarry Topo

A wonderful aspect and high quality rock were probably the reasons that The Navigation was one of the first sandstone quarries to be developed, way back in the early 80’s.
align="right" Trial Wall Topo

Trial Wall has some Gower's test pieces.
align="right" Coming Soon!
align="right" Gower Crag Grid Refs.

A collection of grid references and lat/longs of many Gower crags.

Rams Tor

Bowen's Parlour An excellent new sports venue on Gower

Minchen Hole Some of the access restrictions have been lifted!

Barland Quarry