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South East Wales Sandstone


A quarry near Caerphilly. One of the shortest walk-ins in South Wales thus promises to be a super convenient sports venue and possibly some very easy trad. A good venue for beginners and first time outdoors. The 'Block' should provide entertainment for the bigger boys.

Beware of glass in the bottom of the quarry.


NGR: 311800, 190800 (ST118908)

The quarry locates to the rear of High Street, Senghenydd. From the A470 take the Caerphilly turn-off past the GE Plant. Follow the road (A488) across the first roundabout and turn left towards Abertridwr at the second roundabout. Follow the B4263 through Abertridwr and into Senghenydd. At the cenotaph turn right onto High Street and park on the left at it's junction with Stanley Street. Go through the gap in the housing opposite and follow the lane right and then a path on your left leads directly into the quarry.

Location Senghenydd


Described from left to right

Topo Senghenydd

In the left of the quarry an arete and corner can be bouldered or top-roped.

The Block

  1. Prepuce - Fr.5+
    The left of the arete of the block.

  2. Man Vs. Alcohol* - Fr.6b+
    Bouldery route using the arete and the face to its right.

J. Thomas working Man Vs. Alcohol Fr.6b+

The Slabs

  1. Return of the Narcicist - Fr.4
    The short face of the first slab with big holds. Fr. 4

  2. wir kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo - Fr.5+
    Second longer slab in centre of quarry. Some delicate moves in the centre of the slab.

  3. Unnamed - Project 5
    The second crack will yield an easy trad line once dug out

  4. Raw Salami Delivered To The Backdoor Fr. 4+
    Third face route.

  5. Project 7
    Another easy trad line once dug out

  6. The Boss who cried Wolf - Fr. 5
    Easy ascent of slab to left of arete.

  7. Twich The Magic Flagon Fr. 6a
    Difficult moves to the right of the arete leads eventually onto the arete. Same lower-off as The Boss who cried Wolf
  8. Spulk
    Why not traverse the quarry to incude the best bits of the various routes. Significant fall potential.

The Boss who cried Wolf, Fr.5

First Ascents

Bouldering area - D. Emanuel 14/04/2012

1. D. Emanuel, J. Thomas, D. Hannam 13/04/2012
2. D. Emanuel 08/04/2012
3. D. Emanuel, J. Thomas, D. Hannam 13/04/2012
4. D. Emanuel, N. O'Neil, R. Thomas 14/04/2012
5. Project
6. R. Thomas, D. Emanuel, N. O'Niel 14/04/2012 7.
8. D. Emanuel, C. Emanuel 08/04/2012
9. N. O'Niel, R. Thomas, D. Emanuel 14/04/2012
10. D. Emanuel, J. Thomas 27/07/2012