Junior Section

The South Wales Mountaineering Club does not currently run a dedicated Junior Section. However, junior members are welcome to attend the adult meets but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Junior membership is open to those aged between seven and seventeen at a cost of £15.

Please note that if you are a complete beginner it would be appreciated if you would gain basic climbing knowledge at your local climbing wall. We will consider for membership any person who can demonstrate to us the necessary attitudes and aptitudes. Please contact your local membership secretary when you have mastered the basics.

The SWMC is affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council which looks after the interests of climbers and hill walkers in a variety of ways, e.g. Access and Conservation, Insurance Schemes and Competitions.

The club is run by volunteers, we don’t have formal climbing qualifications but are experienced climbers. We expect parents to help out with belaying and supervision.

Joining the club, gives you certain advantages the most important of which is that you are covered by British Mountaineering Council (BMC) third party indemnity. Please see the “How to Join” page for a full list of benefits.

We actively encourage parents/guardians to participate in the club’s activities but to do so they must also join the SWMC to obtain their BMC third party indemnity. If parents/guardians join they will be able to access the SWMC website bulletin board and see what is going on in the club.

The club has formally adopted a child protection policy – all meets where juniors attend are governed by this. The club’s child protection officer is John Goodwin.

Climbing Equipment

The club does not own any climbing equipment therefore you will need to supply your own harness, climbing boots and a helmet. Helmets must be worn by junior members when climbing outside. If you have a rope please bring it, so that the leaders are not using their own kit all the time.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

Parents/guardians will need to stay with their youngsters during a meet or make arrangements with another parent/guardian to be responsible.

Junior Members Responsibilities

  • Behave sensibly! – Climbing is a dangerous sport!
  • Always wear your harness properly – The buckle should be on the waist and not the hips.
  • Belaying is a very responsible job! – Please be careful and look after your climbing partner. Check each other’s knots and karabiners before climbing; do not distract other members who are belaying.
  • Always wear a helmet when climbing or belaying outside.
  • Make new club members feel welcome. Remember! You were once a beginner too!
  • Treat all equipment with respect! (e.g. don’t walk on ropes or drop helmets). Ensure all equipment is returned and help to tidy the equipment at the end of the session. (e.g. coil ropes).