Key holder

  • Address: John Custance, 35 Gwenfo Drive, Wenvoe, CARDIFF, CF5 6BR.
  • Landline: 029 20594398
  • Email: keys@swmc.org.uk

There is no mobile signal at the above address therefore bookings are usually done by sending email to the email address provided above or calling the landline, if you can’t get hold of John please try him mobile number 07802 712335 which means he is not at home.


  • SWMC Members: £5 per night..
  • Non-members: £10 per night.
  • Deposit: £20  per key (returnable). Arrangements for payment will be made at the time of booking.

The person making the booking (lead visitor) must provide full name, postal and email address. The names of all 2017 club members who are in a group should be provided at the time of booking.

If you can collect your key then that is fine but do NOT expect to collect a key ON THE DAY OF TRAVEL, allow five days. If the key is to be posted then allow at least 10 working days.

If you can collect your key, then that is fine, but do NOT expect to collect a key ON THE DAY OF TRAVEL, allow five weekdays. If the key is to be posted then allow at least 10 weekdays. If you request a key to be posted within five weekdays of your stay, then you should note that the Post Office next day delivery charge of £6.45, or the current rate, should be paid with the deposit. This £6.45 will not be refunded. This should ensure you get your key before you intend to travel. Please note that the key will have to be signed for, so someone must be at the address the key is sent to.​

Remember it is better to book a key in advance and then not use it because of bad weather than it is to kick yourself because you have left the booking too late and the weather is then fantastic!

Because of time lag please remember that the web site Availability Listing may not be up to date, always try to contact the key holder before making any plans. It is always possible that more than one group will be using the hut at the same time, where possible you will be advised of this.

It is the responsibility of the lead visitor to ensure that the key is returned promptly. If posted, the key needs to be securely held (Sellotaped) inside at least double envelopes, or use a jiffy bag. DO NOT USE A SINGLE ENVELOPE. Lost keys will be charged at £15.00. It is cheaper to use Post Office guaranteed delivery!

The lead visitor is responsible for ensuring that the hut is left clean and tidy on departure and that all “house rules” are obeyed. Please report any problems with the hut.